When You Need Expert Evidence in Family and Corporate Disputes, Come to Us

We Know How Important It Is for You to Return to “Business as Usual”

  • When the breakdown of a life or business partnership occurs or a dispute arises from a change of shareholding, ownership or other commercial disruption, there is generally only one opportunity for a party to successfully pursue an appropriate resolution.
  • As unfortunate as such circumstances are, it’s critical that essential facts and insights be compiled in a timely and accurate manner and presented as advice or evidence of the highest standards to ensure resilience under the most rigorous scrutiny or challenge.
  • For more than three decades, Egan Associates have been retained to provide such advice and evidence in matters involving complex partnership and corporate disputes and relationship breakdowns.
  • Our services include all forms of written submissions and expert evidence presented in mediation, in Court environs including the Fair Work Commission, and as inclusions in parties’ legal documentation.

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